Rope Clamp Shackles

Shackles are generally used to connect lifting chain or steel wire rope sling and the load that is required to be lifted.

Alloy Pin Dee & Bow Schackles
to U.S. Federal Specifications RR-C-27lb

Dee & Bow with Screw Pin

Dee & Bow with Bolts, Nut & Split Pin

* One short ton = 0,907 metric tons
Large Dee Schackles to British Standard Specifications 3032e

Large Dee Shackles are also available ungalvanised

Galvanised, stainless steel and extra long stainless steel commercial dee shackels and Galvanised and stainless steel bow shackels available
Commercial shackels are not suitable for lifting applications.

Galvanised drop forged rope clamps to FFC-450

Galvanised Malleable cast rope clamps. Bulldog type to FFC-450

Galvanised and stainless steel malleable cast rope clamps – Commercial type to DIN741

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