Steel Wire Rope Slings

Steel wire rope slings consists of several strands of metal wire twisted into a helix.

There are numerous ways to achieve application specific requirements, where slings can be manufactured to length, required tonnage, soft or hard eyes, superloop and spliced eyes or even multiple (up to 4) legs. These slings are then used in conjunction with shackles, turnbuckles, and/or lifting hooks to attach to a load that needs to be lifted.

Types Of Splices – Steel Wire Rope Slings

Super Loop

  • Flemish Eye with tapered steel ferrule
  • Very efficient
  • Robust steel ferrule
  • Tapered ferrule to prevent snagging
    No galvanic action between rope & ferrule
  • Recommended for coal mines – does not have a low temperate spark


  • Turnback Eye with Aluminium ferrule
  • Economic and efficient

Hand Splice

  • Standard Liverpool or Admiralty methods
  • Other special hand splices available

Copper Ferrule Mechanical Splice

  • For termination of stainless steel ropes

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